Mercedes Actros MP1 edit v1.3 by JamesKirk [1.38.x]
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Standalone truck - 1 cab - Different types of chassis - Its engines and gearbox - Own salon - Your sound - Custom tuning - Stains - Support for accessories + SISL. Requires a connected SiSL Mega pack - Cable support - Support for flags - Removed all old chassis to make the model easier - Added 6 chassis options. - Fixed all visible polygons inside. - Fixed the maximum visible polygons on the outside (bumper, grille, cab). - Fixed steering wheel. - Fixed the display of rain when viewed from the passenger compartment. - Fixed the side mirror when viewed from the cab. - Removed 500 MB of junk files. - Updated all the details of the model (pmg files). - Changed some textures for better performance. - Added some improvements. - Added a new spoiler. - Added a front mirror when viewed from the passenger compartment. - Removed some useless / unused / very outdated upgrades. Changes: = redesigned all chassis options added rear wing options added silencers recycled plastic bumper / front fender fixed dashboard light fixed inner glass updated animation for the new rain system updated curb weights on all chassis fixed missing internal glass fixed user interface shadow other minor fixes throughout the truck

Credits: JamesKirk


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