Tandem Addon for RJL Scania RS & r4 v1.9 by Kast (1.33.x)
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NB: If you use other mods that use this as base, make sure the 1.8.2 is supported, there has been a lot of changes. Othewise stay at 1.7 ? Kraker/NTM/Ekeri/VAK tandem addon for RJL Scania RS and R4. v1.9 Game version 1.33.x Changes in 1.9: -two new locators added to chassis body_logo_1(4m boxes) and body_logo_2(4.4m boxes) -r_reflector locator added to chassis -box_marker_l locator added to chassis -NTM, VAK, Ekeri logos added to the boxes -Ekeheat unit added to Ekeri non-cooler boxes -Heaters added to VAK and NTM non-cooler boxes -Col.boxes added to cargoboxes, Def lines added -Sidemarkers separated from NTM/VAK/Ekeri boxes and made new models -Kerb weights adjusted Mod adds -VAK box -VAK related parts -Kraker box -NTM box -NTM related parts -Ekeri box -Ekeri related parts -3 tandem chassis -VBG hook -Sidecovers and rails -Domar wheelcovers -Parlok wheelcovers -Reverse lights to doorsteps -Zepro tail-lift -4 coolers Lumikko, Thermo King, Carrier -Trailer cables support -And more Kast – mod SCS – everything RJL – base mod Capital – Tandem base Flemming V – Tandem base Nordisch – Kraker box skin Abasstreppas – UI shadow, flares

Credits: Kast



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