Reworked Krone ProfiLiner v1.5 by Sogard3 (1.41.x)
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Changelog v1.5: – Updated for 1.41. – Added more taillights. – Fixed reflections on forklift bumpers and for addon to remove reflection on curtain.(Thanks to m1keY). – AO bake texture for Dhollandia lift. Features: – Standalone in dealer (It won’t replace the original ProfiLiner by SCS). – Realistic place for toolbox on the rear side. – Added empty spare wheel support. – Added big pallet box on the rear side. – Added different wheel chocks on the rear side. – Added water tanks on the rear side. – Added more bumpers. – Added more taillights. – Added different colors for reflective banners. – Added oversize plates. – Added ADR plates. – Added realistic stickers. – Added fire extinguisher on front panel and left leg. – Added Mega bodies for Spanish/Portuguese style. – Added Huckepack chassis. – Added ECO TWIN chassis. – Skins. 

Credits: Sogard3


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