Lamberet Trailer by Donovan v4.0 (official upgrade 09.07.2018) 1.31.x
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[ENG] Lamberet Trailer by Donovan v4 FEATURES: ** Standalone ** Optimized(delete extra parts) ** New wheels ** Updated materials(slightly reconfigured) ** Added cable support, advanced coupling, fixed collision * Baked at 100% * All the lights are lit * Its shadow, dynamic and static * The trailer is registered under each load, so that it would often come across in a choice *** Tested in version 1.31.x.s CREDITS Authors in GTS – Syncronmjaym828 Conversion For ETS2: Donovan Updated for new versions of the game with: Vad&k You can support my work if you want, it’s up to you WebMoney: Z-270229623712 E-242840909845

Credits: Donovan


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