Fliegl SDS350 Mega - Rework v2.2 [1.44/1.45]
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Changelog V2.2: Reworked definitions Support for trailer desktop Proper Fliegl branding for the dealer and desktop Updated flares Complete rebuild of Ecopoint 1 lamps Rebuilt rear locks Rebuilt belt tensioners Fixed bugs in chassis Rear doors now are split into 2 variants: glossy/matte updated light-masks for all marker lights Minor fixes in other 3D parts. Features: Fully stand-alone Trailer ownership support Freight market support SCS cargoes 63 skins included High quality 3d model Advanced coupling Skin-able Custom license plates & SCS license plates support Liftable axle High quality light-mask with lp illumination Wheels included A set of accessories included Cable physics support Credits: obelihnio

Credits: obelihnio


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