Feldbinder KIP Rigid Addon for Tandem Addon by Kast v1.5 [1.40]
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Changes 1.5 - updated materials and textures for ETS2 v1.40 - added support for 4500 wheelbase - added long paintable sideskirts for New Scania - changed wheelbase of short dolly trailer from 2+3 to 2+2 Features - KIP body für 6xx and 8xx rigid chassis of various trucks (only long chassis for now!) (RJL Scania, New Scania, DAF Euro6, New Actros, Volvo FH and FH 2012, Renault T - selection based on RL trucks) - A varierty of matching accessories, like sideskirts, reflectives and boxes - Support of SCS standard paintjobs - A dolly configuration for the 63m³ trailer

Credits: LadenSwallow


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