DLC Krone BDF addon by Pannickus for DAF XF 105 By Vad&k [1.32.x]
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This mod add KRONE TANDEM Addon for the DAF 105 By vad&k The Mod adds: - Customizable Color of the Krone box (Truck+Trailer) . Customizable backlights in the truck (Krone lights or old daf lights) - Added vad3k license plate an the back of the chassis - Customizable reflection stripes at the side+back of the box (red/white/yellow . New variant of sideskirt (Krone sideskirt) To do: - Fix the broken paintjobs from vadik - Fix the not working steering axle in the back of the chassis - Add a lowdeck chassis variant *DLC KRONE REQUIRED Credits: Vad&k SCS Software Pannickus

Credits: Pannickus


Dowload12.8 MB

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