Wolf Repaintable Owned Truck and Trailer Skins v1.8 1.36.x
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This mode adds re-paintable skins to your trucks and purchased trailers. The truck doors and trailers have a custom logo. Your company emblem will also change in your profile. This mode is for those who want all corporate vehicles to have a special color and a specific company name. Scania S and Scania R are set for all axle types. Changes in version 1.8 Added Ford F-Max skin Added Vad&k Daf light box skin Added Volvo’s light box skins Fixed a painting error on SCS semi-trailer accessories The garage was made 1.35 DX11 compatible and included in the mod. Added Garage Company Board Compatibility: For all SCS trucks, all cab variants and all axle variations All SCS semi-trailers Krone DLC Semi-trailers Semi-trailers Schwarzmüller DLC Pendragon Volvo Vad @ k Daf Xf 105 Knox_xss Renault Magnum Ford F-Max Simulasyonturk Mighty Griffin DLC DAF Tuning DLC Mercedes Actros Tuning DLC Tested 1.35.Xs, 1.36.Xs, DX9 and DX11 Credits Tekteker Haydar

Credits: Tekteker Haydar


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