Momiji Black Gold Dress Skin By Zen Workshop
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Hope you guys enjoy, this skin tested on schumi, eugene, and pendragon rework version of their Volvo using part at picture above and see the result below. in nutshell: -schumi version = meh because front mask/grille & headlights doesn’t follow skin collor and also stay white, it still good for some people i guess? -eugene version = work fine but stok rear bumper paint collor doesn’t follow rear fender collor but this not really a problem for me. -pendragon version = near perfection but some custom part not really work very well due to no template provided. -all version = doesn’t support custom paint rear exhaust such as diva and centurion. “finally 3 different collor livery” Credits: Schumi, Eugene, Pendragon for Volvo FH12 Autumn Leaves for Illustrations Zenvi (myself)

Credits: Zenvi (myself)


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