DAF 2021 (Jasper) Nadeshiko X Bocchi Skin By Zen Workshop
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Hope you enjoy, by the way it’s support all custom & utility part from jasper so no texture error anymore. For next skin is gonna be volvo fh12/16 also you can give me some idea ( please just female character from anime, game, etc ) for next skin by comment on this post, i will be waiting. Notes: -I only upload mods on scsforum with username zenvi666 and ets2.lt websites (other than that reuploaders) -I only use sharemods.com to share files with username zenvi666 (other than that reuploader) Credits: Jasper for DAF 2021 CORE for Simple yet beautiful sketch ゼンヴィ|Zenvi (myself)

Credits: ゼンヴィ|Zenvi (myself)


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