Temporal Anti Aliasing/DLSS/DLAA – No More Aliasing, Flickering v10.2.0
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A high quality and high performance time antialiasing (TAA) solution has been implemented, as well as DLSS/DLAA support for NVIDIA GPUs. Shadow and SSA O improvements Settings: Press the “END”or”CTRL+P” key to open the game menu.TAA Clarity-reduce TAA blur * TAA Clarity is designed for people who want to get less blurry and clearer results, close to the result without smoothing, for example, for VR users. Sharpen Edges-adjust the sharpness for a ligned edges when usingTAAClarity/+.TAA level-The higher, the smoother FXAA is the 2nd smoothing method to improve edges T.Shadow-Prevents shadows from flickering Use with ReShade You can use this method with any other mod/plugin using dxgi.dll. Create a folder named”reshade”in the “bin\win_x64″folder. Place all the files of ReShade (or any other mod/plugin)in the folder”bin\win_x64\reshade”or select the folder”bin\win_x64\reshade”in the ReShade installer. For the ETS21.50version of the game, ATS1.50 Credits Snowy Moon

Credits: Snowy Moon


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