Sounds for Sport Cars in Traffic Pack v5.5 by TrafficManiac [1.36.x]
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This mod adds personalized sound for Sport Cars Traffic Packv5.5 by TrafficManiac *the main mod that you can find HERE: *for better spawn, use only the base mod with my sounds add-on above. New changelog in v5.5 -added sounds for latest cars from the update 5.5 -new sounds for rare models like: Jaguar XJ220, Ultima, SCG, Mazzanti, Ascari, Falcon. special thanks to youtube researchers who found some of these latest sounds: @Shark76 , @ArTrailfanRaf214 , @bryntrollian and others -additional sounds for Lamborghini and Bugatti -minor tweaks of spawn ratio for some cars as usual please read the "How to use" section before using! enjoy! How to use: - you must place my mod above the main pack (you only need the base from the pack, ther def is optional) - don't use this mod for older versions of the main pack, game will crash - if you use this mod with newer versions of the main pack you won't see the latest additions - this mod works correctly only with my Real Traffic Density mod because sport cars are set as separate type of vehicles with own spawn and ratio (will spawn more during night time and on motorways; Sport cars have also separate speed class); - if you want to use this pack with an older/newer version of the main pack, or without my Real Traffic Density mod, you need to remove the 2 traffic_storage files from def/vehicle folder P.S. My mods are and will always be for free, however if you appreciate my efforts and want to offer me a beer, I thank you in advance! here is my PayPal account:

Credits: TrafficManiac


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