Signs On your Truck & Trailer v1.0.2.55 - 1.47
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The recommended version of the game: 1.47.* Euro Truck Simulator 2 The mod is represented by signs marking trucks in different categories of country codes, speed limits, warnings, ecology warnings, and others. Signs: 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / E / E (yellow) / EEV / G / H / H (yellow) / IV / L / S / U / III / V / VI / R (yellow) / TIR / No TIR / T.I.R. / No T.I.R. etc. E = (Environment) or white letter “U” (Umwelt), denoting a vehicle with a Euro-1 engine. EEV = Enhanced environmentally friendly vehicle (emission category between V and VI) is a term used in the European emission standards for the definition of a “clean vehicle” > 3.5 tonnes in the category M2 and M3. The standard lies between the levels of Euro V and Euro VI. G = denoting Gerauscharm Fahrzeug (ie noiseless/quiet vehicle): The German version of the Austrian “L” plate is for use only on diesel vehicles meeting German low-noise requirements – similar to those for Austria as above. L = denoting Larmarm Fahrzeug (ie low noise vehicle): Austrian version of the symbol for quiet diesel vehicle, which are: – small and medium-sized lorries of no more than 150KW producing noise levels no greater than 78dB. – heavy lorries exceeding 150KW with noise levels no greater than 80dB. S = (Sicher/safe) denoting a vehicle with a Euro-2 engine and safety features. 3 = denoting a vehicle with a Euro-3 engine and safety features. 4 = denoting a vehicle with a Euro-4 engine and safety features. 5 = denoting a vehicle with a Euro-5 engine and safety features. 6 = denoting a vehicle with a Euro-6 engine and safety features. A = required in Germany on all vehicles carrying waste. R (yellow) = The truck has route approval, for ex. heavy transport. (used in Austria). H (yellow) = The truck has higher gross vehicle weight, for ex. heavy transport. (used in Austria). E (yellow) = The truck has restricted gross vehicle weight. Tax benefits for it. (used in Austria). III – VI = European emission standards III-VI for HGVs (> 3.5 tonne) ADR signs: ADR 22-1951 Argon Refrigerated Liquid, 22-1977 Liquid Nitrogen, 22-2187 Carbon Dioxide Refrigerated Liquid, 23-1965 Liquefied Petroleum Gas LPG, 23-1971 Methane Compressed or Natural Gas Compresed With High Methane Content, 30-1202 Diesel, 30-1223 Kerosene, 30-1267 Crude Oil, 30-1300 Turpentine Substitute, 30-1863 Fuel Aviation Turbine Engine, 30-1999 Tars Liquid Including Road Oils And Cutback Bitumens, 33-1090 Acetone, 33-1203 Gasoline, 33-1219 Isopropanol (Isopropyl Alcohol) etc. Credits: tobrago

Credits: tobrago


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