Scania V8 Open pipe with Lepidas Team Exhaust System v2.0.1 - 1.44
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Version 2.0.1 Hotfix: -Updated for 1.44 -Supported NG Scania (doesn’t support tuned engines) Version 2.0 Changelog: -Updated for 1.43 -Rebuilt sound from scratch -Improved exhaust samples -New engine sound -Removed Kriechbaum’s assets -Included Variable pitch BOV system -Included 2 tones exhaust system How to use 2 tones exhaust system: 1. Hold light horn button for 1 second (and not later that 1.5 second) 2. press J again but do not hold, and now the tone should be changed 3. To change the tone back just repeat the same process

Credits: SlavJerry


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