Realistic Headlight Beam Pattern V2.0 – 06.12.18 – 1.33.X
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This mod changes trucks and cars headlights behaviour on the road. This idea comes from every headlights models in real life and I try to implement into this game. I've made changes for the new cutoff projection light model (DOT Beam Pattern), and also I've corrected the stock beam pattern made by SCS Software (ECE beam patterns). This mod contains specific headlights behavior on each cars and trucks. From which using the standart Reflector housing headlights, or the Projector housing headlights. And also from which using Halogen bulbs, or HID / LED bulbs. Every each one, will behave differently following by the headlight type use. For those which using the Halogen bulbs. It will produce a standart luminous (lumens) and it has 4.300 kelvin for the temperatur colors. And for the HID / LED bulbs, produce 50% more luminous (lumens) and it has 6.000 kelvin for temperature colors.

Credits: Hastantyo


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TAGS:V2.0, pattern, Beam, headlight, realistic, ETS 2, 1.33.x, 06.12.18