Mercedes Actros 2009 Realistic Dashboard Computer v1.0 [1.36.x]
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Here is the realistic dashboard computer for 2009 Actros by Schumi with EVR sounds applied. You need to have these mods to make this mod work: - Mercedes Actros MP3 Reworked v3.0 [Schumi] [1.36] - SFX Mercedes Actros MP3 1844 EEV by EVR - Realistic bitmap/LCD fonts - Gearbox mode display - Arrow icons for L/H splits for 16-speed gearboxes/manual gearbox - AdBlue indicator - Reworked clock/ambient temperature - Reworked trip computer and odometer - Reworked gear display - Average Fuel Consumption - Coolant Temperature - Cruise Control display - Air pressure (bars are real, numbers are fake) - Oil level display - Fuel remaining - Fuel distance remaining - Digital speedometer - Low fuel warning - Damage warning - Low air pressure warning - Parking brake apply display

Credits: bartek9985


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