MAN TGX Euro 6 Real V8 Sound 1.35.x
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Hi guys this mod change scs man tgx euro v8(d38) sound completly and trust me this is best man sound mod you ever seen this mod changes what? -Man tgx euro 6 v8(d38) sound. -Man tgx euro 6 v8 start sound stop sound etc…. -Man tgx euro 6 v8 retarder sound. -Man tgx euro 6 v8 big turbo sound.(MY FAVORIE SOUND) -Man tgx euro 6 v8 brake sound. -Man tgx euro 6 v8 engine brake sound. -Man tgx euro 6 v8 zf transmission sounds. -Man tgx euro 6 retarder sound. -Man tgx euro 6 engine brake sound. -And ı change headlight color xenon you know this trucks have xenon :D. -DONT FORGET THİS MOD MAKİNG FOR V8(D3876 SERİES ENGİNES) IF YOU LOVE THİS MOD YOU CAN SUPPORT ME WİTH MY WEBMONEY ACCOUNT webmoney wme:E895382052601 HAVE FUN!! Credits: Engineer

Credits: Engineer



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TAGS:v8, Sound, TGX, ETS 2, EURO 6, Real, 1.35.x, Man