MAN F2000 Slotmod v5.0 by EbersdorfGaming - 1.46
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Slotmod for MAN F2000 Version ETS2 1.46 Bumper: Normal bumpers Cabin: Interior Slots Cab High Roof Cab low Roof Recommend mod for lighttunings: Talmu pack Belka Customs Updates v5.0 Added more slots for Cab High Roof and Cab low Roof Added 1 new sign (EG-TruckStyling) Adden something funny for the winter time v4.0 Added 4 sings [TIR/No TIR/ 60 km/h/ 80km/h] Interior slots [jewel plus] v3.1 Small fix for 1.45 and used other names in the menü v3.0 Added slots for the bottom bar New icons v2.5 Added slots for lollypops on mirror v2.0 Fixed error with daf euro6 Added lowroof slots

Credits: EbersdorfGaming


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