Heavy Rain v2.1 By Darkcaptain [1.34.x-1.35.x]
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New version 2.1: - by REQUEST: Now, 2 versions, Normal sound volume or Increased sound volume - Improved rain effect from inside cabin (Raindrops now have better humidity / blur effect) - Minor tweaks Features: This new version has all the work completely changed (audios, effects etc..) - Rain drops better textures from inside cabin - Better Rain particles of the wheels (truck and AI Traffic) - Rain more intense from inside cabin - Better rain sounds from inside cabin & outside - Better windshield effect - New randoms thunders sounds added *Works with ETS2 1.34.x & 1.35 Open Beta HOW TO INSTALL: IMPORTANT!!!! Put Heavy Rain in your mod Folder and ACTIVATE IT AS HIGHT PRIORITY!! (Top) place THIS MOD above mods like Nextgen, RGM, Weather mods etc. Credits: Darkcaptain cipinho (volume adjust) frkn64 (rain textures)

Credits: Darkcaptain


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