Best Reshade for Naturalux v0.99 [1.38.x]
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my newest realistic reshade preset for natural lux. if you dont know how to install naturalux correctly in 1.38 (then check google for tutorials) Changes in 0.99: -less saturation -less colour -brighter cockpit -less brightnes reflections -adapted to naturalux Instructions: -download -start reshade setup on ets2 and choose your ets exe manually! -choose directx 11 and download just the following shaders FXAA, LiftGammaGain, Tonemap, Techniccolor, Techniccolor2 (uncheck all if you dislike but download the 5) -then copy my ini file to your winx64 folder -start the game and press pos1 for reshade settings and choose my preset ini -do your graghic options like in the picture -Play maybe some of you post a gameplay because i cant record it at this time! Credits: mc2rok

Credits: mc2rok


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