Test Track for Physics Evaluations v1.1 1.31.x
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Test Track for Physics Evaluations v1.1 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 Features: Test track for performance tests and to tweak physics parameters. Skidpads Two multi-lane skidpads; one is flat, and the other one has a negative camber. The middle lanes of the pads have a radius of 40m, and can be used for testing rollover limits. Mountain Roads Two extreme mountain roads for testing brake fade. One road is straight, with a decline of nearly 40%, and a length of about 1.5km, the other one is curved, with a decline of 20%, and a length of about 3.5km. This allows bringing up the brakes to extreme temperatures, to test their fading behavior. Static Tip-Over Bank A straight bank, at different angles, allows the testing of static tip-over behavior, due to CG position and tire traction. Brake Measurements A straight and level braking area, with distance markers to determine brake performance. Speed Bumps Multiple speed bumps in a row allow chassis and suspension testing, as well as cargo damage. High-speed course A traffic-free track section, with long straights, as well as an exit ramp, allows testing of high-speed maneuvers. In addition, there is a gas-station nearby, a hotel, a truck dealer and repair shop, and two shipping companies, to pick up trailers from. INSTALL HELP: Copy testtrack.scs into your mod folder. (Normally it's "My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod"). Open ETS2, and activate the map in the Mod Manager. USAGE: The track is located in Austria, between Linz and Wien, and you can get there either by following the signs (for "Kron Ring Teststrecke"), or by using these commands in the console: goto kronring (half way up the mountain) goto 19028,600,17101 (top of mountain) goto 17237,3,17101 (main area / skidpads)

Credits: Kronzky



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