Road Connection between ProMods v2.60 and RusMap v2.43.1 [1.43]
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Changelog the connector is being released under the current versions: Rusmap_2.43.1 and Prods_2.60. There will be only one option from us in (and for the future this alignment will remain), namely, with the developments of Rusmap. The variant with Murmansk from promodes will be a little later from the Promo team. PM260_RM2.43.1_connect_vRusMap.scs RusMap Map Package RusMap Model 2 Package RusMap Model Package ProMods Definition package ProMods Map Package ProMods Media Package ProMods Models Package 3 ProMods Models Package 2 ProMods Models Package 1 ProMods Assets Package RusMap Def Package

Credits: Sergey061


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