Promods Addon: Ireland Map v0.1.1 - Tuam and Area 1.41.x
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Ireland Map 0.1.1 - Bug Fixes Ireland Map 0.1.1 is released, the critical bugs that have been reported here and my ex discord server have been fixed. Enjoy! Fixed: Invisible walls, floating road text, signage misspellings and bridge with no pillars. Version 0.1.0 adds and revises Irish roads and cities. It is added to the existing Irish Promods. Therefore, Promods ETS2 is required and subsequently, all map DLCs are also required. Version 0.1.0 contains one city, Tuam. But it refreshes existing Promods content as well. It also reworked the entire road network around Galway. Now, you'll be able to travel the M 18 and connect to the M 6, without having to travel on a 2 lane N road. I have a video showing that too. See below.

Credits: DuckieBae


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