ProMods 2.65 Addon: Latvia Rebuild (Riga Metro Area Rebuild) - 1.47
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This is a map Addon for ProMods 2.65 which changes/adds roads in and around Latvia. Mod Info: – Added A10/P120 interchange and a little bit of Talsi – General reskin of A10 – added 3 new junctions on the A10 road – redesigned part of the A5 road and widened the A8 to a bridge – Added the city of Jurmala and the road P98 – placed companies on the map – Added a new ‘citro’ company in Engure – Added small city of Talsi – Added city of Jūrmala and placed some companies into the map – Added P98 road with new intersections – Added missing signage – Improved signage Compatibility Update for 1.47 7 DLCs are required to run this mod, as well as Promods 2.65

Credits: MCELcreeper


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