ProMods 2.52 Addon: North Macedonia Rework v1.4.1 [1.40.x]
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North Macedonia Rework - This mod is compatible with Euro Truck Simulator v1.38 and requires ProMods v2.50. The modification rebuilds a map of Macedonia from Promods. The mod adds two new cities to the map, two new roads plus contains correction and changes to the entire map. A new intersection south of Kichevo connecting R-1305 with E-65 is added, prefabs at the exit from Ohrid (E-65) to Strugi (E-852) are changed and the prefab at the connection between E-65 and R-1305 (Bitola is changed ) to account for left turns. Features North Macedonia Rework: - This mod adds new cities to the existing ProMods map; - new roads; - new signs; - support for Special Transport Job; - other changes and improvements. Changes in v1.4.1: - Added compatibility with ETS2 v1.40 and ProMods 2.52; - Other changes, bug fixes and improvements;

Credits: FN17550


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