PM 2.4.2 + RusMap 1.9.1 Road Connection v1.1 (1.36.x)
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To run this modification, you need all DLC! This fix has been created for the combination of ProMods 2.42 + RusMap 1.9.1 only and should have high priority in the Mod manager. Load order in the Mod manager: PM2.42 RM1 9.1 v1.36 roadconnection RusMap Map Package RusMap Model 2 Package RusMap Model Package ProMods Definition package ProMods Map Package ProMods Media Package ProMods Models Package 3 ProMods Models Package 2 ProMods Models Package 1 ProMods Assets Package RusMap Def Package aldimator, Sergey061, Vladzz-G, Dawid2849

Credits: aldimator, Sergey061, Vladzz-G, Daw


Dowload19.3 MB

TAGS:2.4.2, Connection, 1.9.1, PM, RUSMAP, v1.1, road, 1.36