EAA V5.1.2 + PROMODS 2.41 FIX V0.15 1.35.X
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It's a fix for EAA 5.1.2 and Promods 2.41. Only for 1.35 game version! If you found something to improve, let me know! Changelog: 0.15 - Old fix has been updated and everything is in one package now 0.1 - Fixed problems with semaphores on roadwork_small_sc_01 prefab - Replaced some old vegetation models Load order: -TOP- Arayas SuperZoomPM[1.35] EAA 5.1.2 + Promods 2.41 fix Promods Def Promods Map Promods Models 1 Promods Models 2 Promods Models 3 Promods Media Promods Assets Mapa EAA 5.1.2 Base Mapa EAA 5.1.2 

Credits: Amar, 3xtremor_PL


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TAGS:EAA, ETS 2, 1.35.x, 2.41, PROMODS, V0.15, Fix, v5.1.2