EAA MAP NORMAL 5.0.5 ALPHA [1.32.x]
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The most grandiose update of the map for 10 years of its existence in the game! Install help: Remove the EAA Map file 5.0.3 and the bitrens file and place the new files. Enable in the mods manager.This change will get you back to the garage. Added: - 149 new cities. - About 31 thousand kilometers of new roads. - About 3 thousand km. with a soil coating. - All 27 states of Brazil are covered. - Only 473 functional cities and more than 70 thousand kilometers of roads. Be sure to connect two files, in order in the manager: 1. MAPA_EAA_V5-0.5.scs (MANDATORY) 2. MAPA_EAA_V5-0_BASE.scs (MANDATORY) Additional file: PACK OF BITRENS AND RODOTRENS F-SAMP (OPTIONAL) UPDATED DAY 09/10/18 Archive: COMPANY 5-0.rar for modelers.

Credits: EAA TEAM



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