Honda EP3 Typer + Interior v1.2 (1.40.x)
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Honda EP3 Typer - high quality sport car with own interior and sound added for ETS2 players. Features Honda EP3 Typer: - 3 Different Front Bumper Options - 3 Diffuser Options (Carbon, Piano Black, Color) - 3 pieces of Tailgate Option - 2 Hood Options - 2 Different Rocker Options - 9 Different, 4 Types of Rim Options - LED Xenon - the model has own wheels - the model has own interior - the model has own sound - Correct car proportions - working lights - working mirrors Changes in v1.2: - adapted to the latest game patch 1.40 Tested on game version 1.40.x Faruk Aygun, Mert İptaş, Harun Aras, Metehan Bilal

Credits: Faruk Aygun, Mert İptaş, Harun Aras


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