Deutz DX90, Deutz DX140 and Deutz DX230 V
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Mod Deutz DX90, Deutz DX140 and Deutz DX230 V for Cattle and Crops

DX90 -> - Forklift with traction gripper (standard equipment) - Scale carrier with weight plates and extended clamping gripper - Front loader console - 4 tire options - Ackerschiene

DX140 -> - Truck trolley with traction jaws (standard equipment) - Weight trolley with load plates and an extended traction jaw - Front hydraulics - 4 tire options - Ackerschiene

Additional features: animated cab (pedals, shift lever, wipers, washers, hydraulic levers, hand throttles, turn signals, various signal lights, etc.) All hydraulic hoses are in CnC standard, so they move at work. Original Model by Schlüterfan1977, Modeller and Bullet

Credits: Deutzfahrer


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