S-Tune Revenge (Burnside Special Restomod) v1.1 (0.32.x)
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This is the S-Tune Revenge, the most luxurious and powerful Burnside at the moment. There are only 25 pieces made on the whole planet. This is a large-scale project with an individual interior and new lighting. It also has several different engine options, each with high power ratings. And, as always, they are combined with our special STEAA (S-Tune Electronics and Active Exhaust) system, special LED outdoor lighting and many other functions. It's not just a powerful car, it's also a real luxury car.

What has been done:
- Frame
- The body
- ESC and ABS
- Bumpers
- The grid
- Hood
- Light
- Doors and door panels
- Wings
- Engines
- Transmissions
- All-wheel drive
- Radiator
- Brakes
- Suspension 
- The interior.
In version 1.1:
- Fixed some shading issues, the screen has been changed to BeamNavigator. Thank you Baconzez for helping us solve these problems!

Credits: Bentonchiez


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