Pack of skins of the State Traffic Inspectorate of Russia v1.0 (0.32.x)
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Previously, it was a paid package, available for purchase only in my VK public, but now I decided to post it for free.

In the pack:
- 35 skins
- 21 vanilla cars
- 40 configurations

List of cars:
Wentward DT40 (2 configurations): police, militia
ETK-800 (1 configuration): police
ETK K-Series (1 configuration): police
ETK I-Series (1 configuration): Militia (blue doors)
Gavril Grand Marshal (2 configurations): militia, police
Ibishu Hopper (1 configuration): Militia
Bruckell LeGran (2 configurations): police sedan (blue doors), police station wagon (blue doors)
Ibishu Pessima Gen 1 (3 configurations): police, militia, militia (blue doors)
Ibishu Pessima Gen 2 (3 configurations): police, militia, militia (blue doors)
Gavril D-Series (2 configurations): police pickup truck, police tow truck
Ibishu Pigeon (1 configuration): police
Gavril Roamer (2 configurations): police, militia
Hirochi SBR4 (1 configuration): police
Hirochi Sunburst (2 configurations): police, militia
Gavril H-Series (4 configurations): police van, police tow truck, police van, police tow truck
Cherrier Vivace/Tograc (2 configurations): Vivace Police, Tograc Police
Ibishu Wigeon (1 configuration): police
Ibishu 200BX (2 configurations): police, militia
Soliad Lansdale (2 configurations): police, militia
Autobello Stambecco (2 configurations): police, militia
Ibishu Miramar (3 configurations): police, militia, militia (blue doors)

- Russian License Plates.

Credits: difichenka


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