BANDIMERE - Home of High Altitude Racing v0.92 (0.32.x)
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A carefully crafted map for avid drag racing enthusiasts This new track is inspired by the legendary Bandimere Speedway and brings a unique twist to virtual motorsport.

About the highway: The Bandimere-inspired track is located in the stunning foothills of Morrison, Colorado, and offers an unrivaled racing experience at 5,800 feet above sea level. This exceptional location not only provides spectacular views, but also has a distinctive quarter-mile strip known for its steep incline in the stop area.

A joint masterpiece: This mod is the result of a visionary collaboration between RevolutionRacecraft and 2FastRacing. Together, we turned the concept into virtual reality, creating an exciting track that revives the thrill of a beloved but lost race track.

Key Features:
- A unique quarter-mile drag lane with a real slope that will test both beginners and experienced riders.
- Stunning high-resolution graphics that convey the harsh beauty of Colorado.
- Optimized for maximum performance and compatibility with physics.

Credits: Foxbody, Fordster, GooseTaco


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