Western Star 49x Dump Truck v0.1 - 1.48.5
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Here is an early release of the Dump truck addon for the SCS Western Star 49x. If there is interest I will continue to add-on to this particular mod or even bring more dump trucks if that kind of thing has a following. Couple of things about the truck.. the SBA and SFA options are all unlocked but I have added SBA and SFA to the parts so that you can correctly configure the truck.. they will be the cheapest chassis options and cheapest tank option with SBA and SFA in the description.. added: shifter,heritage dump body, cb radio, and other small additions with more to come. Credits Turkey,SCS,Guidot (Half Fast Gaming),Outlaw,Noah Hollingshead: Heritage dump body,Deezle

Credits: Turkey,SCS,Guidot (Half Fast Gaming


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