Freightliner Coronado 132SD/122SD v1.2 [1.40]
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Changelog v1.2 The official changes made to adapt it to 1.40+: Lightmasks fixed Light nodes fixed Glass tint and reflection adjusted Mirrors fixed and hood mirrors functional Front wheel nodes adjusted inward Works with the following addons: Kriechbaum Soundpack (make sure to use the adaption pack included) Robinicus Soundpack SCS Sounds SISL Addons (MAKE SURE TO HAVE THIS INSTALLED IF USING THE INTERIOR ADDONS OR IT WILL CTD) BigT Beacons (make sure to use the adaption pack included) Boremen LED Lights (make sure to use the adaption pack included) - Corby (Providing the 122SD next gen hood) - Rig N Roll (original Coronado model) - Mado (Providing support, Animations) - Corey K. (Haulin' edit, providing a ton of support and help, Animations) - Dmitry68, Nekit73rus, Stas556 (Converting Corey's Coronado to ATS) - Willie M. (Providing midroof cab) - BSA, Viper2, Hute, Cedric, Classick (Parts) - Eduardo (Added his Headache Rack oversize load signs) - Big Joe (Smashing it all together, editing the interiors, exteriors....well, you get the jist) 

Credits: Corby


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