Freightliner Cascadia NRC RV Motorhome [1.41 - 1.42]
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This mod adds Freightliner Cascadia NRC RV Motorhome vehicle to ATS. Required version is a 1.39 minimum! Mod uses vanilla SCS Freightliner truck as a base. To buy NRC RV Motorhome just visit Freightliner truck dealer and buy "Day Cab RV" cabin for Freightliner Cascadia truck. This vehicle cannot be used for any kind of cargo deliveries, it was made just to drive on US roads and explore map. Originally, it's a paid mod, which was made by me after request from Derrek F. But he asked me later to share vehicle with ATS community. Have a nice journey in it! ;-)

Credits: AlexeyP


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TAGS:CASCADIA, rv, MOTORHOME, Freightliner, NRC, 1.41 1.42