[ATS] Kenworth W900 Long Version 8-2 E (1.35.x - 1.36.x)
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- The truck is adapted for the latest versions of the game. - If possible, the detected errors in the log are corrected. - Fixed crash from the game when connecting the left hood mirrors. - Added cable. - Added missing files. - Fixed icons when buying in the Salon. - Added Lighting on the rack behind the cab, on the roof, bumper and kenguryatnik. - Added large air conditioning for the cabin and sleeping bag. - Fixed flashing beacons. - Added your own skins (More skins will be added in a separate topic). - Added wheel accessories from diablo. - Reduced file size - scs, almost 3 times. - And much more (I won’t remember everything). Tested on 1.35.x and 1.36.x game versions.

Credits: UMT


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