[ATS] KENWORTH K100-E V1.2 [1.36.X]
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Changes in 1.2 Removed cab suspension Set bumper as a chassis accessory, so there won't be need for the custom plate anymore. Features: - 6 chassis (4x2, short 6x4, normal 6x4. One set for 90" cabs, and one for 112" cabs) - 4 cabs, based on real life counterparts (90", 90" Aerodyne, 112", and 112" Aerodyne) - Matching interiors for all cabs, 2 styles, each with several color variants. The interior models are slightly simplified compared to actual ones. - Paint schemes, based on what you'd see on real K100 trucks. - Wind deflectors & fairings, based on real life ones. - Engines by Kriechbaum. The list is minimized, because i find the regular assortment overwhelming. I included the C15 cats, Straight pipe cats, and most of the Cummins. - Transmissions. 10, 13, 18 speed eatons, 5 and 6 speed allisons. Each comes with 3 different axle ratios. Also, Allisons have a retarder, the Eatons don't. The chassis models used, are from the base game. Other parts that you might think are from the base game, indeed are.

Credits: overfloater


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