90’s Corporation Truck v3.1 - 1.47
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Changelog 3.1 Bug fixes include – Moose masher bar adjustment on the WIM/WIL, so it wouldn’t block the headlights (spotted by discord user Snowwolf1ate1) – Some WIA configs were missing the hood ornaments (spotted by discord user Chubbykneesocks012) – Oversize flags weren’t working for the WIM/WIL bumpers (spotted by discord user Qaaya) – I also added the 5 polycarbonate bug shields from the WIM/WIL to the WIA, as well as (hopefully) fixed some misaligned advanced coupling collisions Features: – Standalone; – Sold at the dealer of mods; – 5 cabs; – 6 chassis; – A lot of engines and checkpoints; – Own interiors (a lot); – Own sounds; – Painted + many skins; – A lot of tuning. 

Credits: TheOtherCorey


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