[ATS] Halloween Cargo Pack v1.2 by JBM [1.41 - 1.42]
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Welcome to my Halloween cargo market pack for ATS! It's been a while since we had Halloween cargo to haul, so I thought this would be a fun little project! CARGO The following cargoes will appear in the Cargo Market when using your own insulated or dry van trailer, in the Freight Market in default trailers, and in Quick Jobs. - Candy Corn - Blood Candles - Pile O' Bones - Sinister Scarecrows - Pumpkins* - Jars of Eyeballs - Halloween Costumes - Toffee Apples - Creepy Candy - Bubbling Cauldrons - Skulls - Halloween Decorations - Chilled Entrails** - Creaky Coffins - Scary Masks - Ghost Hunting Kits *Pumpkins can be easily damaged in transit. For that reason, they are categorised as fragile. Don't bruise them! **Chilled Entrails requires an insulated or refrigerated trailer. Cargoes can be transported to and from all logistics companies. Candy cargoes, costumes, masks, pumpkins, decorations and toffee apples can be delivered to all supermarkets and stores. Scarecrows and Pumpkins can be collected from farms. PLEASE REMEMBER: IF CARGOES AREN'T SHOWING IN THE MARKETS, TRY SLEEPING ONCE OR TWICE, THEN SEARCH AGAIN! Tested and working with error-free log in game version 1.41.x with all official map DLCs.

Credits: JBM


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