The Godfather’s TSA SWR Maxi-Trans Tautliners Skins Pack v7.0
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The Godfather’s TSA SWR Maxi-Trans Tautliners Skins Pack 7 The Godfather’s Mods Company bring this TSA SWR Maxi-Trans Tautliners Skins Pack 7 witch has 14 Skins for the TSA SWR Maxi-Trans Tautliners Trailers there is details for the Toolboxes as well as Colour Roofs as well as Front Noses & Detail on the Doors.. The Godfather’s Mods Company & Australia Worldwide Gaming You Tube channel holds all rights to the skins in this pack and must be giving Credit to if used on your Livestreams or Uploaded videos thanks.. The Skins in this pack work for both ATS & ETS2 With the TSA SWR Maxi-Trans Tautliner Trailer.. The Skins That are in our 1st Pack for the Maxi-Trans Tautliners Trailers are listed below.. Aldi Supermarkets Skin 2 Arnott’s Biscuits Bear Country Transport BIG W We Sell For Less Brisbane City Markets Castrol Coke Cola Cant Beat The Real Thing Cold Chisel Cottee’s Cordial Liquorland McCain Frozen Foods Mcdonald’s Super Amart Wonka Bar Follow The Godfather AKA The Aussie Don at his You Tube channel Australia Worldwide Gaming for all of the American Truck Simulator & Euro Truck Simulator 2 gameplay action with Live chat and The Don on Web Cam Super chat and super stickers are in play to show your support and buy him a Coffee would be thankful and show how much u care for the work he puts into not only building mods but taking the time to give u the very best entertainment so do check it out and please Subscribe we Livestream ATS or ETS2 on most days from10:30pm Sydney Australia Time And also at other times with Full Replay’s also shown for u to watch at anytime u like. Credits The Godfather's Mods Company EST 2021 Australia Worldwide Gaming You Tube channel

Credits: The Godfather's Mods Company


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