Detroit Diesel 6v92 Addon for Kenworth Long by rich05tv v1.0
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- This is the Engine Sound Mod by Farmerdawg12 with added support for the Kenworth w900 long by rich05tv. This mod is on version 1.0. - Tested and works with 1.38.x - Please let me know if there's anything I need to fix for the ADD-ON and I will try to fix the issue:) - I will update the Add-On Mod when Farmerdawg12 updates his actual mod (for louder turbo noise) **PLEASE NOTE** THIS IS NOT MY SOUND MOD, THIS SOUND IS BY FARMERDAWG15. THIS IS ONLY AN ADD-ON FOR THE KENWORTH W900 LONG BY rich05tv. CREDIT: - FARMERDAWG15 for the engine sound - RICH05TV for the Kenworth W900 Long

Credits: rich05tv


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