Caterpillar C Series Engines Pack v1.2 by eelDavidGT (1.46)
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Caterpillar C Series engines & sounds pack for American Truck Simulator This mod contains the Caterpillar C Series lines, which are: -C13 of 380 hp -C15 of 435, 450, 475, 500, 550 and 625 HP King of the Hill -C15 Pre-Acert 600 hp and C16 Acert of 575, 600 and 675 HP Tuned -C15 Stock of 375, 475, 500 and 550 HP -C15 Straight Pipes of 375, 475, 500 and 550 HP -C18 Marine of 765 and 950 HP Tuned (use for heavy loads) Available for the following truck modifications: Autocar -AT64F (apli0120/XBS) Freightliner -Century/Columbia (Alexander Sentayakov/Schurik43rus) -Classic XL (BSA) -Classic XL (Jon-Ruda) -FLB (Harven) -FLC (XBS) -FLD (Harven) International -Lonestar -LT -9400i (Slava1) -9300i Eagle (Panter/Guidot) -9900i Kenworth -K100 (CyrusTheVyrus/Shaneke Game) -K100e (Overfloater) -T600 (FranckPerú) -T660 (FranckPerú) -T660 (FranckPerú/Jorge Gamer 444) -T680 -T800 (FranckPerú) -T800 (GTM) -W900 -W900a (Bigdaddy) -W900b (GTM) -W990 (FranckPerú/Harven) -K200 (RTA) Peterbilt -379 (Rednek) -389 -389 v2 (Viper2) -579 Volvo -VNL Western Star -49X -57X Updates: v 1.2 -Slight positioning adjustment of exhaust and turbo sound. -Correction of volume and positioning of the BOV effect in all variants of the mod. -Renowned sound banks and total reconstruction of the Acert variant. -Added support for Western Star 57X (SCS). -Correction of positioning of the turbo some variants. -Minor fixes in definition files. NOTE: If you use the old version, it is recommended to change the engine in the workshop before disabling and installing the new version to avoid errors and game crashes. Credits: eelDavidGT, Kapitan Kriechbaum, Odd_Fellow

Credits: eelDavidGT, Kapitan Kriechbaum, Odd


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