[ATS] Menu Music Remixes & Nostalgic Soundtracks v1.3 - 1.46
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New in this version: New soundtracks + fixed the issue where the music would stop after customizing your truck for a long time. Looking for a variety of nostalgic and new music for the game? This mod includes: – 10 main menu music tracks – 2 delivery finished music tracks – 1 cutscene music track – 1 truck upgrade music track comprising of several music themes into one seamless track The music includes original soundtracks from SCS Software titles and/or remixed versions of them from the following games: – Euro Truck Simulator 1 – Euro Truck Simulator 2 – American Truck Simulator – German Truck Simulator – SCANIA Truck Driving Simulator – 18 Wheels of Steel series The mod was tested on 1.46 but should run on all future versions. Happy trucking! # Credits * SCS Software for the music * Drive Safely for remixing the music Credits: SCS Software, Drive Safely

Credits: Drive Safely


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