[TABS] Headcrab's Military Vehicles
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Please note - many of them are still in development and have not been added yet. For information about what is available, see the "Spawn" section.

- BMD-1, BMD-2, BTR-D, BTR-ZD "SKREKHIT" (also includes desert versions)
- BMP-1, BMP-2
- BRDM-2, BRDM-CV, BRDM-2 Pure, BRDM-2 Strela-1 (also includes desert versions)
- BTR-80, BTR-80L (Lockelle), BTR-80 "Strila-1" (also includes desert versions)
- MT-LB, MT-LB BM-14, MT-LB "Strela-10", MT-LB UB-16, MT-LB ZSU-23, XT3-3H
- BASE-5937, BASE "Osa", BASE ZSU-23-2 (also includes desert versions)
- T-68, T-68B, T-68B1, T-68BV, T-68U, T-68 ZSU-23-2 (funny thing), T-68-775 (also includes desert versions)
- KAMAZ 4310, KAMAZ 4310 dump truck
- Destroyed versions of the T-68B and BTR-80 for screenshots

- Category/BAZ (WIP)
- Category/BMD
- Category/BMP (WIP)
- Category/APC (WIP)
- Category/BRDM (WIP)
- Category/MT-LB (WIP)
- Category/T-68 (WIP)
- Category/KAMAZ
- Category/Broken

Requires [TABS] Vehicle Framework

Credits: General Shark


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