Tameable Dragon
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Dragons will now eat rabbits by default (this requires a manual reset).

Do you want to ride a dragon? You'll have to tame him first!

What? Do you have to kill Ender's dragon at the end of the game? And if I don't want to kill him? What if I want to tame him and use him as a mount? Or just to see how he lives in his natural environment? Well, I guess Teardown doesn't have to have the same ending, right? Unless you really want to ;)

You need to turn on the mod to spawn the first dragon.
You need to tame him to unlock the dragons in the spawn menu.
To train a dragon, ride it, then press the key to fly in the opposite direction to where it is trying to fly. Do this 5 times in a row, without leaving the place, and the dragon will be tamed.

On horseback

[W]: Go ahead.
[S]: Back up.
[A]: To the left.
[D]: To the right.
[CTRL]: Down.
[LMB]: (hold + release) A fireball.
[RMB]: (hold) Stunt.
[G]: Grip.
Without a mount

[C]: The order is to land next to you.
[V]: The order to fly to the position.
[F]: (hold + release) The order to throw a fireball.
[G]: An order to grab/drop an item.
[?]: Remove all dragons.
[?]: Open the options menu.

Dragon AI

There are 3 types of dragons:
Wild Dragons: Fly around peacefully, you can try to tame them by picking them up.
Enemy Dragons: Attack you at sight, they cannot be tamed.
Tamed Dragons: Will obey your orders and can be harnessed at will.
Dragons will fly most of the time and will rarely look for a place to land and rest.
Dragons like to feed on small animals, from time to time they may try to catch one of them.
Dragons attack back if they are shot at or damaged by explosions.
If they have nothing else to do and the enemy is visible, the dragons attack him.
Dragons have very strong armor, but if you break through it, they become destructible.
Wild Dragon

When you get on a wild dragon:
He will rush in random directions, you need to parry his movements several times to tame him.
He will roar every time he changes the direction of flight.
The Tamed Dragon

Move the mouse cursor over the tamed dragon to select it.
Only the selected tamed dragon will take orders.
If you order a tamed dragon to fly to a place below you, it will land.
Tamed dragons will roar if they cannot follow orders (for example, there is not enough space to land).
If you order a dragon to take an item, the item will flash while the dragon is trying to take it.
When the dragon gives the order to use a fireball, the circle will show the radius of the explosion of the fireball, as well as the location of the hit.
When following the player's orders, the dragons have a colored outline.
Enemy Dragon

Enemy dragons will attack the player at the sight of the player, this takes precedence over any other action they take.
When the mod is enabled

Dragons of the type selected in the options will be spawned.
If one of them dies, a new one will be created.
After taming the first dragon, you can spawn more dragons of the desired type from the spawn menu, even if the mod is not enabled.
Configuration Tips

Is the Taming mini-game too difficult for you or do you just want to unlock dragon spawn quickly? Turn on the Show dragon intentions option: the direction in which the dragon is moving will be highlighted in green in the list of keys on the right side of the screen, so it's easy to click on the opposite direction and tame it in the blink of an eye.
Is your dragon flying too far and you can't admire it in all its glory? Try to reduce the altitude of its flight in the options.
Does your dragon constantly miss the object that you ask it to grab? Try to activate the option that allows you to pull the captured object.
Is it difficult for your dragon to transport items because they break too easily? Just enable the option to make the captured items unbreakable.
Does your dragon take too long to land when you summon it? Try disabling the "Land carefully" option (note that this will also affect any other dragon landing attempts).
Don't you want your dragon to attack invulnerable robots over and over again? Try adding "invulnerable" to the list of "Ignored tags" in the options.
Do you feel that your dragon is too aggressive and do not want it to constantly attack any living creature that crosses its path? Just clear the list of "Enemy Tags" in the options.
Have you entered an epic battle with a dragon and want to know how much armor it has left? Check the dragon armor display button in the options.

Credits: Geneosis


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