Eicher 3015 Königstiger II v1.0.0.0 (1.14.x)
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The Eicher 3015 Königstiger II tractor from ls_oldtimer.
Here is a small snippet of the changes:
The tire configurations have been revised. New discs. New hubs. In general, the tire size is smaller. Three brand new cabins and tops. The start sound is shortened. New sounds have been added. Lots of decorations that move dynamically while driving. New paintwork. Adapted radiator mask. New driver's seat, passenger seat, work lighting, beams of light, etc.

King Tiger II
- Power: 52 hp
- Price: from 7,500 euros
Mammoth II
- Power: 62 hp
- Price: from 8,500 euros

• King Tiger II, Mammut II engine configuration
• 14 tire configurations
• Protective arc, safety frame, Fritzmeier M201, Fritzmeier M711, all-weather cabin Edscha.
• Front Loader Hydraulic loader Baas Klinck
• Front load of special equipment, front power lift
• Original air filter, export.
• Choice of body color, wheels, exhaust system, front loader console.

• Original engine sound
• Full control inside with Interactive controls.
• All moving parts are fully animated

• All functions are accompanied by sounds
• Manual engine start
• Attach and remove the Fritzmeier M201/M711 folding top tarpaulin.
• Opening the Fritzmeier M201/M711 front window
• Fritzmeier M201/M711 door opening
• Edscha all-weather cabin with open side window
• Open the windshield of the Edscha all-weather cabin
• Edscha all-weather cabin with open doors
• Lighting control
• Various design elements

Credits: ls_oldtimer


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