Stara Hércules 6.0 2016 v1.0.0.0 (1.14.x)
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The Stara Hercules 6.0 self-propelled dispenser is designed for precise application in combination with a high-capacity tank and an advanced distribution system, ensuring efficiency and accuracy of application and adapting to various requirements of agricultural operations.

Technical specifications
- Price: $166,000
- Power: 220 hp and 280 hp with chip tuning
- Working area: 36 meters for fertilizers, 14.8 meters for limestone and 12.6 meters for manure.
- Capacity: 6000 liters and a fictitious capacity of 12000 liters.
- Working speed: 15.5 mph
- Top speed: 37.2 mph
- Additional tires of Michelin, Continental, Mitas, Trelleborg and Vredestein brands.
- Optional thin tires with or without crop destruction and two sizes of wide tires depending on the brand.
- Optional 4 shades of glass
- Additional reverse beep
- An additional thermos.
- Numbering from 1 to 10
- It has animation of doors, adjustment of instruments, adjustment of the seat, steering column and mirrors.
- An additional Isaria Pro Compact sensor is possible, DLC Precision Farming is required.
- Compatible with car sharing system, Kubota DLC is required.

Credits: Agro Tonho


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