Talbach 2k23 v2.1.0.0 (1.14.x)
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The card from HeniJimdrix returns to FS22. Welcome to Talbach in FS22. 53 fields and meadows are available for agricultural living, which can be controlled by small and medium-sized vehicles.

The main courtyard:
A renovated yard with a lot of new things, such as a cowshed / chickens / workshop / hay storage / feed mixing plant and much more.

Pig Farm:
A private pig farm for farming when buying land. There is a place for your own buildings.

Horse Farm:
Here, too, whoever buys the land can keep horses and farm on this farm. There is still enough space for their buildings.

In addition, there is a sheep pen and an open pasture for farming on the map.

On the distributed map you will find various production chains for further processing of your raw materials. These include a bakery/old dairy/sawmill and more.

Points of sale:
The manufactured products, of course, can be sold at various retail outlets. These include a supermarket/hardware store

If you want to start a multiplayer game, you can install a fleet of larger cars here in a spacious area.

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In version
- Visual changes/adjustments to the textures of various buildings;
- Additional new voice overlays added by Ela_189 and Der_Nerdling. The use of sounds on other maps is "ONLY" with the consent of the creator;
- The PDA card and the custom PDA card have been completely redesigned;
- Changed the PDA-name of juice production plants (orange juice factory, apple juice factory);
- The CPC has been changed- the name BayWa (BayWa (city), BayWa (village)). It must also match the orders;
- All livestock farms must now be purchased (sheep pasture, pig farm, horse farm, sheep farm);
- All road signs have been replaced;
- Fixed: Optical pallets in the green store (FarmersMarket). Appeared at the wrong time;
- Fixed: Carrot fillPlane. They were displayed as wheat;
- Fixed: missing l10n entries;
- Corrections/adjustments.

Credits: RepiGaming


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