Hallig Petrus v1.0.0.0 (1.14.x)
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Welcome to the Hallig Petrus Islands

Please read everything to exclude any questions!!!
Tides can be expected here, and once a year the so-called "Unter Land" is held.
Tides occur every day.
Low tide lasts from 6:00 to 12:00. and 18:00. until midnight
The tide starts from 12:00 to 18:00 and from 12:00 to 6:00
Also remember which island your cars are on, because you can only transfer at low tide.

The rise (tide) or fall (ebb) of the water takes approx. 20 minutes of REAL time, which CANNOT be accelerated by fast-forward game time.
So keep an eye on your vehicles and don't drive them too deep into the water!
For technical reasons, the "running noise" is heard and there is no swimming noise while the water is falling or rising.

In addition, in October, the so-called land is under water (storm surge), and it is arranged so that in October there is a storm surge every day.
The time for this is from 9:00 to 18:00.
It is important that this storm surge does not cause any damage to crops, animals and vehicles. It only serves to display the local conditions on Halligen.

A little hint! Leave the work on the grass for October and harvest the fields on time.

This card has 2 versions
- Standard version with a lining matching the standard card.
- Adapted feeding, which allows you to offer animals a more diverse feed. But be careful, your animals eat everything at the same time and can only reproduce if

ALL categories are filled, including mineral feeds for CMR.
You can choose whether you want to make money from farming or rent out vacation homes.
They're waiting for you

- 6 farms
- Kurtswarft with cows and chickens
- Petruswarft with pigs
- Ewaldswarft with sheep and chickens
- Paterswarft with 3 enclosures for cows
- An abandoned tarp with old buildings that can be completely demolished to realize themselves
- A small terp that can be bought for $0.
- "Marians Holiday Wharf" with 18 vacation homes available for purchase.

There are 63 fields waiting for you to process.
- 49 farmlands
- 14 meadows
- 2 forests

Dimensions: 0.11 ha-6.26 ha.
Total: 91.56 ha
Arable land: 78.27 ha
Meadows: 13.29 ha

The selling prices of cows and pigs have increased to make the situation more bearable.
Collecting. Information can be found in the harbor on the "Wanted" boards.
Modified trailer for water and milk. In the livestock menu and in the construction menu you will find two subject warehouses and the production of playing and sports lawns.
The manure system is installed (only for PCs with the "FS22_manureSystem" mod)

Information about Ferenhauswarft:
Take care of the lawn at your house and sell grass nearby to make a profit.
The guests of your holiday will definitely be happy with homemade bread, sweet pastries or delicious cheese.

Silos and manure storage areas:
If your farm's bunker, even though it is entered in the menu as a storage option on your farm, still does not allow you to store your goods, then save once and restart the game and restart the server in multiplayer.
The same will happen with the trash panels, and if that doesn't work, just tear them off and move them to another place.

At the port, you can load the manufactured products into a container for "shipment" to the mainland.

Note. You should not use the harvester from the DLC Premium Expansion, as errors may occur.
After sleeping the next day, the water tarp visually slides down, but the water tarp is still at the top, and then slowly sinks again, which takes up to 30 minutes, and if you ignore it, your vehicles will break down and you will have to be returned to the store.

Credits: otti-peterle, nop82 [NO-Modding]


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